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Artists of WarRift


Matthew Crum is a self taught artist born in Tennessee and currently based in Los Angeles. His love of sci-fi and fantasy storytelling is evident in his art. Matthew grew up with war games, classic films, and flipping through art books as his favorite hobbies, which shaped his future as a concept artist/illustrator and writer.

Kasey May's artwork is best known for its colorful and curious nature. She specializes in digital illustration, merging modern digital art technology with techniques more often found in traditional painting mediums. Since she was very young, Kasey has drawn obsessively. First, she drew on legal pads and continuous feed computer paper. Kasey eventually graduated to sketchpads and dabbled in multiple mediums including ink, colored pencil, and watercolor. After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and ending up working in the printing industry for nearly a decade, Kasey now freelances full time and is involved with her community.

Dusan Djurdjevic is a 22 year-old digital artist and photographer with expertise in photo editing. Dusan is involved in many aspects of graphic design, but photo manipulations are what he likes the most and what he's really good at. Working as a freelancer in the past couple of years made him learn a lot about business and gain great experience working with people from all over the world.


Joel Sill is a freelance and commission illustrator in the Chicago suburbs. Lifelong gamer, comics enthusiast, and all around nerd, Joel is a father to three boys who are well on their way to being fully addicted to games of all types. He's also a music aficionado, and could be willing to barter artwork for good vinyl.

Gabe McIntosh


Felipe Yoon      

Adam Biszewski

Semih Keles      

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Craser Sixor     

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