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Game Overview

WarRift is a competitive and cooperative tabletop deck-building card game with a focus on player interaction, where guilds compete and slay monsters to take the throne. Players are the Guildmasters and the cards are their forces. WarRift offers new features, like each player having their own signature buy-pool (guild), instead of all players getting cards from the same spot. If players don't pay the extra cost on a card, it goes into the Rift. Cards in the Rift have a chance of an opponent using it for one turn, making for some fun combos. There's also bartering, intense player-elimination, the ability for players to hold cards in their hand and time their combos, monster bosses, casual and solo formats, and so, sooo much more! With all its elements at play, WarRift creates a completely unique deck-building experience.

Build your guild. Slay monsters. Take the throne.

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Where it all started

Originally being avid Magic: The Gathering players (we still are), my brother Josiah and I always had a love for unique mechanics. A game where winning means creating value out of, well, creating something- not simply having the bigger number.


Then we played the tabletop deck-building game Ascension (a game made by individuals highly experienced in the MTG world). We were amazed with its light, quick, and exhilarating gameplay. But we wanted something more unique and more beautiful, while staying true to the simplicity of Ascension. We wanted to create a game that built upon the idea of a quick and fast deck-building experience.


We wanted to take that and create value by designing an entirely new experience. We wanted awesome art. We wanted players to be able to HOLD THE CARDS IN THEIR HAND IF THEY DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY THEM THIS TURN. We wanted a player-elimination system done right. We wanted a fun, completely undiscovered mechanic revolving around player-interaction, like the Rift mechanic we ended up designing. And we wanted players to have their own unique guilds and buy-pools in a tabletop deck-building game, that can be fully customized with future full-game expansions.


After asking around and nailing down what we as players wanted, we decided to make a game. That game is WarRift












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Making The Game


Over the last four years, my brother and I have partnered up with top artists, play-tested with tabletop gamers at conventions like PAX West and ETX, and gotten feedback on different prototypes of the game from hundreds upon hundreds of people. We actually already had a Kickstarter for an older version that ended not-so-well.


In order to make the game we have now, we sorta had to unmake that last one a bit. Actually, scratch that: We had to annihilate that thing. I burned it and threw it in the trash. Then launched it from my dollar store trash bin farther into space than David Bowie's original 1971 Life on Mars radio waves. In other words, we made some changes.


These changes included redoing the entire card format to make it look uniquely stunning and easier to read, remaking all the card effects to be more playable and way more streamlined. We kept the core mechanics such as the Rift, player-based markets, trading, and monster elimination - except all of that is done much, much better now. We also added some new things such as guildmaster powers, players now being able to play as the monsters, an extremely easy-to-learn and super fun casual format, and a basic but interesting solo mode that allows players to work out some very powerful combos.

We overhauled the rules as well. A round of WarRift is now much more fluid and concise. There are multiple simple little things we changed, like how players now keep the monsters they slay as trophies during the game. This makes it easy to keep track of your valor points, and verify your winning status when the game is over. The game now plays a lot more like a solid tabletop deck-builder, and less like a complex TCG.


We designed way more unique cards, and cut back on pointless duplicates. This gives our backers more variety, and a way better price this time around. Throughout the redesigning of WarRift, we believe it is self-evident that we are dedicated to bringing you a game that you want to play, at an affordable price. We're very excited about that.

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Meet the Artists

Felipe Yoon

Felipe is a 23-year-old artist who has been doing art all his life. He is entirely self-taught and is constantly looking to learn and improve himself. He is currently studying Game Design & Development at Rochester Institute of Technology. He spends most of his time playing games and practicing on his art to further improve his skills. Felipe's dream goal is to work as a concept artist and illustrator in the gaming industry, and he will continue to hone his skills to make that dream a reality.

Adam Biszewski

Adam Biszewski

Adam is an illustrator and concept artist from Poland. He is currently a freelancer in the gaming industry. He also paints murals. His works combine digital painting techniques with a touch of traditional media. In particular, he likes creating fantasy illustrations. Besides work, he loves playing pen-and-paper RPG games and board games."


Kris Robinson

Kris is a former 3D designer, working on primarily exhibition stands. He liked this job, but nowhere near as much as his current job of doing digital paintings of cool fantasy and sci-fi stuff! He also enjoys the usual; books, films, and music. He is a big fan of lifting heavy things up, then lowering them down, then lifting them back up agai...the gym, basically. He likes the gym.

Kris Jay Robinson photo.jpg

Mathew Crum

Matthew Crum is a self taught artist who grew up with war games, classic films, and flipping through art books as his favorite hobbies, which shaped his future as a concept artist/illustrator and writer.

Untitled design (74).png

Joel Sill

Joel Sill is a freelance and commission illustrator in the Chicago suburbs. Lifelong gamer, comics enthusiast, and all around nerd. He's also a music aficionado, and could be willing to barter artwork for good vinyl.

joel - Copy.jpg

Kasey May

Kasey May's artwork is best known for its colorful and curious nature. She specializes in digital illustration, merging modern digital art technology with techniques more often found in traditional painting mediums.


Dusan Djurdjevic

Dusan Djurdjevic is a digital artist and photographer with expertise in photo editing. Dusan is involved in many aspects of graphic design, but photo manipulations are what he likes the most and what he's really good at.


More Talented Artists

Gabe McIntosh -

Semih Keles -


Aric Salyer -

Craser Sixor -

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