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Meet the Artists

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Felipe Yoon

Felipe is a 23-year-old artist who has been doing art all his life. He is entirely self-taught and is constantly looking to learn and improve himself. He is currently studying Game Design & Development at Rochester Institute of Technology. He spends most of his time playing games and practicing on his art to further improve his skills. Felipe's dream goal is to work as a concept artist and illustrator in the gaming industry, and he will continue to hone his skills to make that dream a reality.

Adam Biszewski

Adam Biszewski

Adam is an illustrator and concept artist from Poland. He is currently a freelancer in the gaming industry. He also paints murals. His works combine digital painting techniques with a touch of traditional media. In particular, he likes creating fantasy illustrations. Besides work, he loves playing pen-and-paper RPG games and board games."


Kris Robinson

Kris is a former 3D designer, working on primarily exhibition stands. He liked this job, but nowhere near as much as his current job of doing digital paintings of cool fantasy and sci-fi stuff! He also enjoys the usual; books, films, and music. He is a big fan of lifting heavy things up, then lowering them down, then lifting them back up agai...the gym, basically. He likes the gym.

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Mathew Crum

Matthew Crum is a self taught artist who grew up with war games, classic films, and flipping through art books as his favorite hobbies, which shaped his future as a concept artist/illustrator and writer.

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Joel Sill

Joel Sill is a freelance and commission illustrator in the Chicago suburbs. Lifelong gamer, comics enthusiast, and all around nerd. He's also a music aficionado, and could be willing to barter artwork for good vinyl.

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Kasey May

Kasey May's artwork is best known for its colorful and curious nature. She specializes in digital illustration, merging modern digital art technology with techniques more often found in traditional painting mediums.


Dusan Djurdjevic

Dusan Djurdjevic is a digital artist and photographer with expertise in photo editing. Dusan is involved in many aspects of graphic design, but photo manipulations are what he likes the most and what he's really good at.


More Talented Artists

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